The Week That Wasn’t

Every basketball season has a week that throws a big old monkey wrench into the schedules.  No matter how well the schools plan out their schedules, inevitably Mother Nature gets her way and things grind to a halt.  This last week was that “stuff hitting the fan” time.  The one-two punch of a Tuesday snowstorm and Thursday ice/sleet/snow combined to wipe out every high school sporting event at the first crucial junction of the season.  Christmas is around the corner, and with it comes the annual Holiday Break quiet period.  Most of the teams around the state will not have played an official game since last Friday or Saturday, meaning they will have been sidelined for over 3 weeks.  The few schools that did get games in this week, and the ones who have games between now and Christmas, will still have the Holidays off, but that extra game or 2 could give them a slight advantage when classes come back in session.


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