State Football, The Day After…

Well, the hardware has been distributed, and the tears shed, at the 2008 State Football Championships.  Here are some of my thoughts from the Playoffs in general…

  • The expanded Playoffs system didn’t seem to have the catastrophic effect some predicted.  There was no wave of upsets in Substate, nor were there any major injuries caused by playing the extra game.  The system could use some minor tweaks, like maybe going to 24 teams in 4A, but it wasn’t too bad for the first year.
  • The Class 1A Championship was probably the most entertaining 3-0 football game I have ever seen.  Actually, both opening acts (8-player on Friday, 1A on Saturday) were probably the best games of the weekend.
  • Speaking of the 8-player Championship, I would hate to be the kid from Armstrong-Ringsted who let the Lenox defender through on the FG attempt.  There’s no guarantee that the kick would’ve come close to being good, but you have to give your team a chance.  I have a feeling the coaching staff will be emphasizing “Inside-Outside-Middle” every practice of every week next season.
  • Coaching decision of the week has to be Sothern Cal’s decision to go for 2 in OT against North Tama in Class A.  Not only did they forego an almost-certain tie and a second OT, they did it using a formation that makes Boise State look like the Wing-T.
  • As exciting as 8-Player, A and 1A were, the rest of the games were anti-climatic.  Solon, Bishop Heelan, and Valley all made sure that the entire state knew that they were by far the better team on the field.

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